Access Manager

Version history

The following table show the detailed changes made to each version of Access Manager.



20-Feb-2013 FIX - Problem registering Professional Edition


22-Jan-2013 FIX - AppData/Local folder problem with 64-bit Windows



24-Dec-2012 NEW - Support for Windows 8


21-Dec-2012 NEW - Database moved to AppData/Local folder
FIX - Open web page error in Firefox


19-Dec-2012 FIX - 'Access Manager is already open' problem
FIX - Problem opening links
FIX - Application compression problem



FIX - Display problem with the password list


NEW - Support for 64-bit Windows
NEW - Export to Access Manager 3
NEW - Action Bar style NEW - Support for newer style menus and toolbars
NEW - Activity report
NEW - Reporting engine (AR3)
FIX - Minor spelling mistakes
FIX - On-screen keyboard problem with the letter 'p'
FIX - Overwriting Export file error
FIX - 'Always on Top' option was not remembered


NEW Support for the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
NEW - Support for Windows Vista
NEW - Password Selector shows Authentication items (Professional edition)
NEW - Password Selector displays up to 16 characters (Professional edition)
NEW - The Master Password can now contain up to 50 characters
FIX - Configuration information was not remembered if two copies of Access Manager were opened at the same time
FIX - 'Always on Top' option was not remembered
FIX - Minor spelling mistakes


NEW - Transparency option on the Window menu (Professional edition)
NEW - The password list title area can be clicked on to show a popup menu of Password Types
NEW - The Password Selector window remembers its Hide/Show setting (Professional edition)
NEW - There is no requirement to logon if there is no Master Password set (Free Edition only)
NEW - Updated database engine
FIX - The calendar in the Password window is hidden when the 'always on top' option is selected
FIX - 'Install on Portable Media' did not always install the current password database (Professional edition)
FIX - Problem importing unrecognised columns
FIX - Display problem when printing from the password window
FIX - When selecting File/Database/Open, the database was not checked to see if it required updating (Professional edition)
FIX - Minor spelling mistakes
FIX - Password Generation window is hidden when Access Manager main window is set to 'always on top'


NEW - Show logged-on username in Status bar tooltip
NEW - Improved startup time
NEW - The selected Filter is re-used when Access Manager is next opened
NEW - Improved password database
FIX - Error when filtered password list displays 1 password that is edited
FIX - Help button not working on the Backup window (Professional edition)


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